Promaster Instant Mastering.

Cutting-edge technology designed and developed by artists, engineers and producers to deliver professional quality instant mastering.

Losseless mastering - all files mastered at 24bit/48kHz and delivered as .wav files.

Promaster Provides 4 Unique Mastered Versions.

  • Powerful
  • Radio Ready
  • Bass Enhanced
  • Vocal Enhanced

Upload, Preview, Refine.

  • After Uploading your track, four, 90 second mastered preview versions are generated free of charge
  • Per-track and subscription pricing available for ultimate flexibility
  • Create and export albums and access your tracks anytime, anywhere

Exclusive Benefits for TuneCore Members

Promaster and TuneCore have partnered to change humanity as we know it

  • TuneCore Members receive exclusive access to special pricing and features

Custom Engineering

Promaster also offers hands-on mastering from legendary mastering Engineer, Pete Doell.

Proven Quality

  • Promaster, developed by Aftermaster operates professional mixing and mastering studios in Hollywood, California
  • Our facilities are state of the art and manned by the recording-industry's most renowned engineers
  • Once received, our engineers will typically return a finished track within 3-5 business days

Custom Mastering from the Dashboard

  • Tracks can be sent to our mastering team from the dashboard upon purchasing custom-engineering credits
  • Hands-on mastering starts at $100 for non-TuneCore members
  • Please prepare your tracks by leaving adequate headroom and minimizing post-processing effects

We TuneCore

Custom mastering starts at $75.00 per track for registered TuneCore members

  • Take your career to the next level with the highest level mastering and the world's largest distribution service

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