Frequently Asked Questions

What resolution will my files be mastered in?

  • By default, our system converts all uploads to 24bit, 48KHz .wav files
  • If you have a subscription, you can customize your upload format

What is the maximum upload file-size?

  • The max-upload size for non-subscription users is 200mb, subscribers may upload files up-to 500mb
  • If your single file is larger than 200mb, we recommend you downconvert to 24bit/48KHz to reduce the size
  • Standard users who are found uploading entire albums cut into a single track will be permanently banned. Yes, we look at the length.
  • Our system ensures bit-perfect resolution - there is no benefit to 32bit float or 96KHz sampling rates
  • We do not recommend uploading compressed file formats, 24bit, 48,000 wav files or optimal and will never be down-sampled

How loud should my mix be?

  • For best results, avoid limiting and other post-processing effects on the mix
  • At least 6dBs of peak headroom and -18dBFS RMS (Root Mean Square) average will yield best results
  • Any mix louder than -12dBFS RMS will be turned down before mastering - however, this does not add dynamic range, that must be done by the mix engineer.

I can hear clipping on my mastered track, what have you done?

  • By design, our system cannot clip, however, existing artifacts can be made audible during the mastering process
  • Start by checking the signal chain and gain staging used during recording
  • Confirm that the mix was exported with minimal effects processing and contained ample headroom

System Requirements

To use you must be connected to the Internet. We recommend a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection for optimal mobile viewing.

Minimum Requirements

  • We strongly recommend using Chrome as the default browser when using pmxsb
  • Safari is also fully supported
  • Full compatibility cannot be guaranteed with Firefox, IE, Edge or other browsers not listed here
  • PMXSB streams full resolution files, any upload, download or streaming pauses are a function of the clients connection speed

Why isnt my favorite browser supported?

  • Unfortunately, each browser follows a slightly different set of standards, making some important features difficult to use
  • Chrome has widespread support for differing file formats and other important features. Safari is second in compatibility
  • Firefox, IE, and Edge offer low compatibility with our features and we do not recommend using these browsers for multimedia applications in general

Recommended settings for mobile

  • Chrome mobile or Safari for iOS are the only supported mobile browsers. Chrome is recommended for WAV file playback support
  • We highly recommend using on WiFi only
  • Upload, master, playback, sharing and album features fully supported on mobile
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